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LUXOR: MAH JONG (Download Version)


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LUXOR: MAH JONG (Download Version)
Embark on an epic quest to recover the stolen treasures of Ancient Egypt in LUXOR: Mah Jong. The fun and challenge is unending with 200 unique and exciting layouts available in 3 awesome play modes; Adventure, Single and Traditional. Three difficulty settings ensure that any player from novice to expert will find a challenge, and 3 exotic tile sets make LUXOR: Mah Jong a truly custom experience. In addition, with the all new player ranking system, you can work your way up from a lowly farm hand to become the Pharaoh of all Egypt!In Adventure Mode, Egypt?s greatest riches lie concealed behind the locked doors of 22 mysterious hidden chambers. Match and remove scarab tiles in search of Golden Ankh Keys to unlock the doors that bar your way. Your quest will be difficult, but the gods and goddesses of the Two Lands will aid you by providing five powerful sacred tiles. Invoke the Vision of Isis to magically reveal matches. Use the power of the Horus Transformation to instantly change tiles from one type to another. Unleash the fury of Set?s Storm to destroy tiles that block your way. Call upon Thoth?s Exchange to switch the position of any two tiles you can see, and Anubis? Fetch to move a single tile. In Traditional mode, relax and play any of the 100 unique layouts using the classic Mah Jong rules.
Windows, Windows XP
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License: Shareware
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